Specialist PelvicFIT Advance: Work your inner to outer core for total body strength.


Intensive Pelvic Floor Strength Specialist

Intensive Pelvic Floor Strength Specialist

Intensive Pelvic Floor Strength SpecialistIntensive Pelvic Floor Strength Specialist

PelvicFit Advanced Course March 6/13/20/27 Estuary Clinic Studio Topsham. Build on strong inner core 4 total body control.

Individual Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Appointments

Pelvic Health Specialist Physiotherapist


A pelvic health specialist physiotherapist is able to give you a full fitness report on the strength and co-ordination of your pelvic floor muscles.  It will provide insight on whether your pelvic floor is fit for purpose to meet the demands of high impact exercise and weight training.  A pelvic specialist will also look a the way your spine and hips move to analyse any areas of weakness and give you a targeted plan of exercises specific to you to meet your sporting or activity related goals.  

Training Expertise


Susie our specialist pelvic health physiotherapist has worked for over 10 years accepting consultant referrals for complex pelvic pain and gynae concerns in the Centre for Women’s Health in Exeter.  With a background Honours degree in Sports and Rehabilitation she can analyse your body and ensure your inner and outer core muscles are working together to support your joints and movements.

Your Success is Our Goal


 We understand that adapting a new fitness habit is difficult and can often fail. Our goal is to change your view on pelvic floor training so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle. We strongly believe that if you strengthen and co-ordinate your inner core then freedom to move, laugh, dance and jump is something you will be able to do without any concern.

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